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Our Time is Now!

It is just but high time for our alumni group to be instituted as Bohol's premiere alumni organization being its oldest and biggest high school alumni group.

Multi-point Priorities

We need to institute our alumni association to become a duly accredited organization. And so we are now working on incorporating our group with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Non-Stock Non-Profit Corporation. There is also a need to identify all alumni from our dear Alma Mater, from whence it was Bohol High School through its present name of Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School. On top of all these priorities, we have also started the planning for next year's 115th Foundation Celebration that is scheduled to be held on July 10-11, 2020.

These are among the top priorities that your alumni officers are working on and we definitely need all alumni members to be involved.

The Need to Identify All Alumni Members

Being the province's oldest and biggest high school alumni group means we have the most number of members. However, there is a lapse in maintaining a centralized database of our members. With that said, one of our top priorities is to find, identify and register all graduates of our Alma Mater and maintain a working database. We will utilize all known media including Facebook and more so with the proven person to person approach.

Creation of Different Working Committees

The present roster of officers won't be able to accomplish these gigantic tasks without the help of some of our highly capable fellow alumni. There is then a need to establish different working committees who can be our group's arms to perform specific priorities.

Some of the committees that we have already decided to establish are the Committees on Finance, on Legal, on Events, on Business Development and on Programs. The Committee on Finance will oversee the accounting and auditing of all our assets, and the funding of all our events and charitable programs. The Committee on Legal will ensure that we are always within the bounds of law in our disposition of duty and all of our undertakings to include our SEC registration. They will also ensure the legality in receiving donations and creating fundraising projects. Our Committee on Events will spearhead the planning and preparations of any event or fundraising, to include our planned big celebrations for our upcoming 115th Foundation Celebrations come July 10-11, 2020.

The Committee on Business Development will identify and network with all local businesses that are owned by our fellow alumni members. These business establishments can very well support our planned Privilege Alumni Card (PAC). In this conceptualized PAC, Bol-High Alumni owned businesses may offer a discount to registered Privilege Alumni Card (PAC) holders, or even donate a minimal referral sales commission to our association's coffer whenever a Point of Sale (POS) is executed between both sides.

Last but definitely not least will be the Committee on Programs. The specific programs we refer here are our legacy projects that can serve both our members and our community in general. A long term vision of our core officers is to institute a sustainable Scholarship Program that will benefit deserving alumni members in the future. The details on this plan will be covered as we progress.

Let Us All Work as a Team

Big dreams can only be achieved with bigger efforts! And our success in anything we endeavor is guaranteed for as long as we work as a team. Thus, we need all alumni to decide to be part of our dreams and endeavors, share our group's vision and be all one as a team. There is no effort that is too small to be irrelevant - all of our efforts compounded will only lead us to the realization of our goals and vision.


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