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We Have a New Home!

Having an office is critical to our alumni group's growth and reorganization. This will be our hub to do some planning for all of our programs and events. This shows the sincerity of the current school administration as well as its new roster of officers of their goal and vision to edify Bohol's biggest and oldest high school alumni.

Our office is the top corner enclosure.

We Have an Office

For such a long time our association looks neglected, like a pet who lost his home. Alumni business deals used to be done somewhere else, in someone's home or some local cafes. But things have changed. On the 24th of July (2019), we were assigned an office by no other than the school principal Mrs. Virgie Omictin. And the day after, the key to our new 'corner' office was received by our VP for External Affairs, Mr. Joseph Lamdagan.

It is a humble office, maybe a little 2m x 2m with some obvious shortcomings. But it is a corner office with a good view of Maria Clara St. and the main entrance, as well as a nice side view of the Gabaldon (main) building. Regardless of the size and the needed work, we can truly claim this to be a big achievement on our end. An achievement that simply mirrors the intense desire of its core officers to truly organize our association into something that all alumni of BHS/BPHS/BNHS/DCPNHS can truly be proud of!

Donate If You Must

Certain items can truly make our place look like a real office. We presently need a nice set of office table and chairs. Certain office items can truly be appreciated by your officers to have:

A. Metal filing cabinet

B. Ceiling fan

C. Water heater for late afternoon meetings

D. Round stools

Let's Get to Work

Imagine how productive our group could become with our new office? Just ask your alumni officers, they can't wait to get this office up and running and welcome each one of our fellow alumni to this place we all can call home.

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