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Message from the Alumni President //





A pleasant day to our fellow alumni around the world! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mannie Rey Amoguis, I am of Batch '89 and was with the Pilot Class '89. I am now you're Alumni President together with Ms. Fiel Angeli E. Araoarao-Gabin as the Internal Affairs VP, Joseph G. Lamdagan as External Affairs VP, Annabel Tabuno Anore as Secretary, Ma. Maria Teresa Tupos Laroda as Treasurer, Mercy Mae as Asst. Treasurer and Bruce Eric Gideon Zabala as Auditor.


Allow me to give you updates on our priorities:

  1. We now have a website ( We plan to make this our REGISTRATION HUB once we are duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  2. We are in the process of registering our alumni group with the SEC as a 'Non-Stock/Non-Profit Organization'. 

  3. We have also kickstarted our planning and preparations for this year's 115th Foundation Celebration on July 17-18, 2020 that should also include a MEDICAL/DENTAL Mission for students and alumni and of course the 115th FOUNDATION HOMECOMING PARTY that will also showcase the students' performing and visual arts.

  4. We have just concluded a survey on the issue whether we should rename our Alma Mater back to BNHS or maintain it at status quo (DCPNHS). As the majority of the survey participants voted to rename our Alma Mater back to BNHS, your officers are all committed to represent the desire of the majority.

  5. We will coordinate with all class leaders regarding high priority school projects and programs.

  6. We also have a plan to establish a COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM that will benefit deserving graduate/s from our Alma Mater.

  7. We also have a plan to issue a PRIVILEGE ALUMNI ID CARD (PAID Card) to all registered alumni. Participating ALUMNI-OWNED businesses as well as other businesses in the province may offer a DISCOUNTED RATE to all PAID Card holder alumni.

Friends, you're alumni officers are all committed to formally establish our alumni group as a duly accredited organization, a move that is way overdue. I myself, as your Alumni President, give you my commitment to lead our group into its rightful place of being Bohol's premiere alumni group - as it is its oldest and biggest high school alumni group.


We are looking forward toward a service-oriented movement with ALL OF YOU DOING ALL THAT YOU CAN DO AS PARTNERS so that we can further our group's agenda and planned programs. Our door is always open to anyone who wants to volunteer his/her capacity and time in any of our working committees.


Let us all make a difference! We hope to meet you all in our 115TH FOUNDATION CELEBRATION on July 17-18.


My warm regards to you all.

Mannie Rey B. Amoguis

Alumni President

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